Find the right pet gate

Why use a pet gate?

You might not see it - but to a little pup or a young dog, your home is full of exciting things that need to be explored by chewing, scratching, and sniffing. That's just the way of (young) dogs.

This can easily lead to over-stimulated dogs, sneakers bit to pieces, exhausted puppy parents, and many other things. No one said it’s going to be easy to have a dog in the family. But with a pet gate, you can make life a little easier for both you and your pup.

Create space for your dog - and you

With a pet gate, you can easily create space for your beloved dog. A safe zone and personal territory with plenty of room for romping about. A place perfect for taking a break or maybe even a nap (and a way for the puppy parents to do so as well). A way to not worry about how your home will look when coming home after work.

Where would you like to place your pet gate?

That can actually have a great impact on which type of pet gate you should choose. Different pet gates are designed for specific use cases. As an example, some pet gates are designed specifically for the top of stairs while others might be impractical or even create unnecessary risk if used at the top of stairs.


We divide our pet gates into these categories:

Pet gates you can easily install in door openings, corridors, hallways, and other rather narrow passageways that would be a natural place to install a pet gate.

Pet gates specially designed for the top of stairs. An extra secure pet gate fastened to both sides of the staircase and without a beam, you can risk tripping over at the bottom of the opening.

Pet gates that let you block off the stairs for small pups (and toddlers) but still allow you easy passage because you can open it with just one hand (but not paws)

Our selection of extra-wide pet gates which you can even extend further with extra extensions. This way they can cover distances longer than 3 meters or 10 feet (depending on whether you measure in metric or imperial units).

Our freestanding pet gates are perfect for creating a personal room for a little pup. A safe retreat. And when they grow up you can convert it into a regular pet gate or room divider.

How wide or high does your pet gate need to be?

When you've found out where you would like to place your pet gate you need to find a tape measure, ruler, or precise eyesight. Because pet gates come in different widths. From a couple of feet or 72 cms to almost a handful of meters - or two handfuls if you measure in feet.

If you're going for a pet gate that goes into the door frame you need to find one that can be adjusted to fit it. If you buy a pet gate with swivel mounts it doesn't need to be mounted in the door frame but can be installed at any odd angle and on the walls around the door. This means that you just need to make sure it isn't too short (or way too long). Because the flexible joints let you "bend" it into a shape and mount it almost anywhere - also at odd angles.

If you need extra width almost all our pet gates can be extended with several inches, feet, centimeters, or even meters.

Are you looking for a permanent pet gate or a temporary solution?

Maybe you're just looking for a pet gate for the first couple of years of your pup's life? Or maybe you would like a more permanent solution that can last the dog's entire lifetime.

No matter the need we got you covered. We have solutions for both scenarios.

Our pressure fit pet gates are perfect if you're just looking for a gate for the puppy years. It's mounted with pure pressure. No need to use screws or drill holes. Thus, it won't leave any marks when your dog gets older, and you remove the gate again.

If you're looking for a more permanent solution, then consider the pet gates which are mounted to the wall with screws. This way you don't need to worry about retightening the pet gate - ever. And thanks to the quick-release function in many of the wall-fitted gates you can still easily remove the gate in a few seconds for when you need to vacuum for dog hairs or any other practical solutions. Only the wall mounts are left behind on the wall leaving plenty of room for easy passage.

What are the differences between pet gates and safety gates?

Let's be honest. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between pet gates and safety gates for babies. In fact, our pet gates are all based on the design and experiences from BabyDan's safety gates which DogSpace originates from. With more than 70 years in the baby safety industry, we thought we might as well stand on the shoulders of all those years of thorough designing, testing, and fine-tuning.

It also turns out that there are no safety standards for pet gates. So to ensure you a quality product you can rely on our pet gates are tested to meet the safety standards for child safety. We want all your family members to have a safe place at home – and after all, your puppy is your baby too.

So, the fundamentals and functionalities are in many ways the same as a safety gate for babies. But on top of that, we also did some extra fine-tuning to the pet gates ourselves. Like adding extra height so you can use our pet gates for large dog breeds as well.

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