DogSpace & Sustainability

We believe pawprints should be green

Well, not the actual physical pawprints of a dog. But as humans and puppy parents we should make green, sustainable, and responsible choices - for the sake of all future puppies, kids, and nature.

As a manufacturer, we take this responsibility very seriously and believe it's our job to make it easy for you as a buyer to make the right choice.

This is why we strive to produce pet gates with a minimal or no environmental impact - to make green pawprints only.

A part of something bigger - and greener

We know we can't save the planet alone. It requires a (global) team effort. But we do our part and work with UN's Sustainable Development Goals as the guideline for our current and future direction. This is our contribution to a common goal.

How we work with UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable products and goals

We would love to tell you that all our pet gates are 100 % sustainable without any environmental impact at all. That's not the case. We're not there - yet. But trust us, we're working on it.

For now, we can document that all the paper and cardboard we use for instructions and packaging are FSC-certified which means it originates from sustainable forestry. And as a company we're ISO 14001 certified which mean we're serious about becoming more eco-friendly and we've made plans on how we will get there.

So we're working hard on making those pet gates with no environmental impact at all. Until then we make them as sustainably as we possibly can.

Read more about our environmental certifications

Pet gates so safe you can (almost) eat them

We know dogs - especially puppies - are fond of licking, biting, and scratching many different things. If they like to do so at our pet gates as well then go ahead.

All our pet gates are made without any harmful materials. This means that your dog could almost eat it if your dog have that kind of taste. It might be a bit difficult to chop the metal into biteable sizes though. This way you don't have to worry about any potential risk if your dog starts licking, biting, or scratching the gate. We guarantee you it's safe. The only guarantee we can't give you is if it will taste any good.

Our energy consumption is monitored with the vigilance of a guard dog

We are very aware of our environmental pawprint. We strive to produce pet gates as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

We do all we can to reduce our consumption of gas, water, electricity, and materials. Everything is measured and monitored so we can continue to set the bar higher and reduce our energy consumption and environmental impact every year.

In addition to this, we also work on continually making our products as reusable and recyclable as possible as well as recycling paper, plastic, metal, and everything else we use daily in our production and offices. And we exclusively rely on wind power for our electricity.

See how we reduce our energy consumption


Everything is made in Denmark. No unnecessary transportation

In a modern globalized world materials and individual parts are often produced and transported around the world before the final product is ready to sell. And when the products are sold they are often transported back around the world. All this adds up to huge consumption of energy and resources as well as large emissions of CO2 before the products land at your doorstep. 

At DogSpace we chose to cut down on all this unnecessary transportation around the world. We produce all our pet gates in Denmark to ensure that all materials and processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. No unnecessary shipping around of individual parts. The (almost) only shipping needed is when you decide to buy one of our pet gates.

That's why we can proudly say "Approved by Great Danes and all others".