Our environmental certifications

Our pawprints are green.
It's not just something we say.
We have papers on it.

At DogSpace we put a huge effort into producing pet gates as sustainably as possible. We use sustainably sourced materials, we strive towards higher energy efficiency every day, we don't use any harmful materials, and much, much more.

We do all this because we believe that we should only leave green pawprints for the sake of our dogs, kids, and nature.

We admit that our pawprints can still become even more green. But the environmental certifications we already have achieved serve as proof of our effort so far - but we're not done yet.

What are environmental certifications?

It's proof to you as a consumer that we comply with the strict environmental criteria you have to live up to achieve the certificate. At DogSpace we have achieved some of the most recognized and most strict environmental certifications. That's our way of guaranteeing and offering you a sustainable pet gate.

DogSpace & sustainability

We're ISO 14001 certified

To you, it might not ring a bell, but it's actually one of the most recognized international standards for environmental management systems.

To be ISO 1400 certified we need to work seriously with environmental targets and minimize our environmental pawprints. The company must prepare an ambitious environmental policy, designate environmental objectives, and actively work towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

Intertek audits DogSpace once per year, and we have been certified without any negative remarks. The certification proofs that we at DogSpace strive to reduce pollution, waste, and undesirable emissions to the environment. We have the resources to reduce our environmental pawprints and are conscious about our environmental obligations.

This goes hand in hand with our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well.

Learn more about the ISO 14001 certification

We only use FSC certified cardboard and paper

Unlike ISO 14001 you might have heard about FSC and most likely seen it as well. FSC promotes sustainable forestry practices and the protection of ecosystems. When a product has the FSC logo on it, you as a consumer can be sure that the wood in the product comes from sustainable sources.

At DogSpace we only use FSC certified cardboard and paper from responsibly managed forests for packaging and manuals. We know packaging and manuals might still be just a little part of what we produce and the resources we use. But it's a small step in the right direction where every part of our product becomes 100 % sustainable.

Read more about FSC

REACH - your promise of no harmful chemicals

As a manufacturer in the EU, DogSpace is under the regulation of the REACH Directive which is the world’s strictest legislation on the use of chemicals, and it regulates how chemicals throughout the EU are produced and used.

At DogSpace, we would rather be safe than sorry, and as far as possible, we use materials that have been approved for human consumption - so we believe they should be safe for dogs as well.

We might not be the only manufacturer of pet gates in the world. But we are one of few under the regulation of Reach. So if you want to be sure to make the most eco-friendly and safe choice then you can be sure to do so with a DogSpace pet gate.

Green energy from windmills

The Danish weather is perfect for windmills, and Denmark is one of the countries where wind energy is the largest source of electricity.

This makes it possible for us to exclusively rely on wind power for our electricity which means our electricity consumption does not contribute to the total emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.