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Hey you, did you know that your home is the most exciting place in the world?


Just waiting to be explored, which means being sniffed, dribbled upon, eaten, chewed and messed up. It can be quite exhausting, and not only for your dog. That's why we created DogSpace: Your dog's very own territory and your way of getting back in control.


DogSpace Bonnie
Extra tall pet gate

DogSpace Bonnie is an extra tall pet gate especially suitable for medium-sized to large breeds. No need for screws or holes in your door frame or wall. DogSpace Bonnie is mounted with pure pressure - no need for screws.

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In for a treat?

It seems that dogs, and puppies in particular, always look at the bright side of life. They're almost too excited about everything, your interior included. But hey - behind those three popular gates it's okay being that charming. They bring happiness to both you and your dog.

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Our sweet customer service is eager to answer any of your questions when it comes to pet gates. We know all about functionality, installation, and stuff, so just ask.

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Made in Denmark means highest quality. Everything from drawing to cutting, painting, and packing is done with loving attention. We are happy doing it.

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All our products meet the latest and highest safety standards and are free of harmful substances and chemicals. We would never treat your dog any other way.

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