Cradle to Cradle Safety Products

Please welcome our brand-new series of safety locks and other small safety products that have been developed with a focus on sustainability and safety.

Our new little additions to our product range are packaged in 100% biodegradable boxes, so you will not be dumping any harmful chemicals or other undesirable substances on our planet once you throw the box out. This allows you to both take good care of your little bundle of joy and also our precious planet.

Safe, green and user friendly

For us, good design goes hand in hand with taking responsibility for both our environment and each other. We have looked into the opportunities for using renewable resources both in our production processes and packaging.

With sustainability in mind from the start, we have developed a product range that, for now, consists of four products. One of the products, BabyDan Corner Guard, is a corner cushion that has just been launched as the first safety product manufactured from biological and reusable materials. The product is 100% made from biological materials and it uses very little fossil fuels and has a very small carbon footprint.

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Safety must be healthy

At BabyDan, we take safety very seriously - especially when it comes to our children’s health. We are constantly working to reduce the use of chemicals in our products and to avoid the emission of dangerous substances when manufacturing our products.

As far as possible, our products comply with food safety standards and no harmful chemicals are used. This means that your child is free to suck and bite on the products without ingesting any kind of harmful substances.

We know that children tend to suck and bite on things in order to learn and develop - therefore, it is very important for us here at BabyDan to ensure that children can play and develop themselves without you as a parent having to worry about their health and safety.

In order to avoid hormone-disrupting substances and carcinogens, all safety products have been tested and certified as being free of bisphenol A, phthalates and PVC.

Packaged in the world’s most environmentally friendly boxes

BabyDan’s little safety products are packaged in Cradle to Cradle certified boxes that are 100% biodegradable and 100% reusable.

Normally, printouts and packaging can consist of 25% glue, colouring agents, etc. that cannot be reused. By comparison, our Cradle to Cradle certified boxes comply with the strictest product and process standards.

In fact, if you put the box in the ground, it will be completely and safely dissolved within 7-8 weeks. The installation instructions are printed on Cradle to Cradle certified paper and, like the boxes, this paper is completely free of harmful substances.

Everything is returned to nature after use, nothing is wasted and everything is a resource. We believe these are the highest standards for sustainability and safety.

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BabyDan Supreme - you will be off to a great start

Most first-time parents (and second-time parents, third-time parents, etc.) are not aware of the many dangers that their child could be exposed to at home.

Based on our knowledge of the most common types of accidents in private homes, we have put together our new starter set, BabyDan Supreme. BabyDan Supreme is a starter set that will make starting the process of child proofing your home as easy as possible.

BabyDan Supreme consists of eight of our best little safety products, selected so as to provide families with little children with an all-around set. The set includes BabyDan window safety locks that are tested and certified and an Anti-Tip furniture strap that prevents furniture from falling over.

It also includes a MultiLock, which secures drawers, doors, the washing machine, the microwave and even toilets. It also includes BabyDan’s first bio-based product manufactured in Denmark.

As with the other small safety products, the starter set comes in 100% biodegradable and Cradle to Cradle certified boxes. No harmful chemicals or heavy metals have been used in the production of the paper, cardboard, ink, glue, etc.

There has also only been used wood from sustainable FSC forests. No matter if the box is recycled via the regular recycling waste disposal system or brought back to the natural cycle via a compost heap, it leaves zero harmful waste.

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Let us all create a safe home for the little ones

Child proofing the home is almost always near the bottom of the shopping list when buying what you need or the newest addition to the family.

However, the fact is that more accidents involving children happen in the home than anywhere else - but fortunately, many of those accidents can easily be prevented.

We hope that with the launch of new environmentally friendly safety products we can spread awareness of the dangerous situations that young children can find themselves in at home, when visiting grandparents or visiting other people’s homes.

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