DogSpace Marley retractable pet guard, white, 55 – 92 cm / 21.7 – 36.2”


What's in that room? How does that shoe taste? Can I lay in the bed as well? I wonder what happens if I push this vase? And did you just open the terrace door?

That might be the thoughts that go through the head of a dog daily. Especially if we're talking about a little pup to whom everything is still new, exciting, and needs to be explored with paws, nose, and teeth. And that's the curious nature we love dogs for - but honestly, it can sometimes be a little exhausting. Both you and your dog might need a little break occasionally.

That's when a dog gate comes in handy. It makes it easy to shield off certain areas in the room and create a safe space for your lovely little furball. No need to worry about chewed-up shoes, fragile interior, and dog hair and paw prints in the bed.

DogSpace Marley is the perfect dog gate for those curious little puppies and small breeds. Due to the unique design with a solid surface instead of bars, even the tiniest pups and breeds won't be able to sneak through the gate.

When not in use DogSpace Marley automatically retracts and folds up so you almost won't notice the dog gate. And just like our other dog gates, DogSpace Marley is designed in a way that makes it easy to operate with just one hand.

Fits openings:
Mounted inside door frame from: 64.5-92 cm / 25.39-36.22 inches
w/1 extension up to 116.5 cm / 45.87 inches (Not included)
Mounted outside door frame from: 55-82.5 cm / 32.48-21.65 inches
w/1 extension up to 106.5 cm / 51.93 inches (Not included)

DogSpace Marley retractable pet guard, white, 55 – 92 cm / 21.7 – 36.2”


Type of mounting



72.5 cm / 28.54"


92 cm / 36.22"


10 cm / 3.94"

Door Opening Minimum

55 cm / 21.65"

Door Opening Max

92 cm / 36.22"

Product Material

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PA6, TPU and steel. PVC-free



Product Number

# 500785


  • Perfect for pups, small breeds, and other escape artists due to the solid surface and no gaps where they can sneak through.
  • Automatically folds up - without any need for treats, commands, or gestures - and occupies almost no space when not in use.
  • Special mounts let you install this pet gate inside and outside of the door frame.
  • One of the narrowest breeds of our dog gates - perfect for narrow doors and tight spaces.