DogSpace Max L multi expandable Pet gate, black


DogSpace Max is one of our most flexible pet gates that lets you create your dog's very own territory. A safe space where your darling can play around as much as he or she wants.

The flexible design of this pet gate ensures that it will fit into any home. You can configure it in any way you like. Mount it on the walls, in a door frame, or any way you like. The included wall fittings make it easy to attach the gate to any door frame or wall.

This dog gate covers any opening between 90-223 cm/35.5-87.7 inches - but if you like you can actually extend it indefinitely with extra sections (they come in lengths of 33 cm/2.8 inches and 71 cm/28 inches (sold separately)). So how long do you need your DogSpace Max pet gate to be? You can make it as long as you want and need.

The door section in DogSpace Max is extra wide and can be placed wherever you want when you assemble it. In the middle or to one of the sides. That's up to you. The door is easily opened with just one hand (but not with paws) and opens both ways.

With the quick-release function, you can easily remove and re-attach the pet gate from the wall fittings in a matter of seconds.

DogSpace Max L multi expandable Pet gate, black


Type of mounting



70.5 cm / 27.76"


223 cm / 87.80"


3.5 cm / 1.38"

Door Opening Minimum

90 cm / 35.43"

Door Opening Max

223 cm / 87.80"

Distance Between Bars

5.51 cm / 2.17"

Product Material

PE (Polyethylene) and powder coated steel



Product Number

# 500987


  • Just like dogs this pet gate come in many different shapes and sizes. The extra sections (sold separately) make it possible to build a pet gate that fits you and your dog"s home perfectly.
  • Easily opened with just one hand, but quite hard to open with paws - no matter if your dog uses one, two, or all four.
  • Opens both ways - just like a happy dog’s tail wagging back and forth all day long.
  • Extra wide opening for easy passage for both small and large dogs (and humans) and those who are a little too fond of the food bowl.
  • Special mounts let you install this pet gate inside and outside of the door frame and at any odd angle. Yes, the mounting possibilities are almost as many as there are dog breeds.