About us

We create personal space
– for you and your dog

Of course, your dog is a dear member of the family and a very adventurous little fellow, too. But to be honest; human to human: It can be quite catastrophic leaving him home alone or just leaving him free to explore.

That’s why we created DogSpace. We give your four-legged friend a space where your little furball can – how can we put it – express himself. It’s your dog’s very own territory and your way of getting back in control. Everyone’s happy. All our dog gates are designed and produced in Denmark. Since 1947, Great Danes and all others have proved our home-protecting ability to handle happy dogs.

Pet gates for more than 100 dog years

We’re all about dogs. So much that we even count our own heritage in dog years. That’s why we can proudly say that we’ve produced dog gates for more than 100 dog years. Many years of fine-tuning every little detail to ensure you and your dog a quality product that fits your way of living – and who knows a product that might last 100 dog years as well.

Our pawprints are green

Dogs come in many colors, but not green, as far as we know. And neither does our pet gates – yet. But their pawprints on the environment are green.

We use FSC certified cardboard from responsibly managed forests. We only use materials so safe that you don’t need to worry if your little furball bites, licks, or scratches gate. There are no harmful substances in any of our products. Well, actually you could actually eat them if you’d like to without any risk. We can’t guarantee you they taste great though or be very tender.

DogSpace & sustainability

Approved by Great Danes and all others

Our dog gates are designed, produced, and packaged in Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world. Of course, we know how to create room for happy dogs as well. From here we ship our pet gates to French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Scottish Terriers, and many other dogs around the world.


Tested and approved
– for both dogs and humans

Yes, you read right. It turns out there’s actually no safety standard for dog gates. So how do we test our gates then? We go for what we think comes closest to our four-legged family members.

So, all our gates are tested to meet the safety standards for child safety. We want all your family members to have a safe place at home – and after all, your puppy is your baby too.

DogSpace Test Centre

- a part of BabyDan

DogSpace is a part of BabyDan. One of the world’s leaders in safety for children aged 0-3 years. But what does that have to do with pet gates you might ask?

Well, through more than 70 (human) years in the baby industry we found out that people didn’t just use our safety gates for (human) babies. Many also bought them for puppies and young dogs. So, we thought why not create gates specially designed for dogs. And that’s how DogSpace started.

Today DogSpace is a brand of its own that design and produce pet gates with extra height and other useful features specially designed for dogs.

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